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1. Publisher's info

Publisher : MEDIA.NOT SASU, with a capital of €100 000 and headquarters located at 95 avenue des Logissons, 13107 VENELLES Cedex, matriculated with RCS Aix-en-Provence under the number 793 220 013, represented by Vanessa LEWI, President, having full authority to sign the present,

Publishing director : Publication is managed by Mme Vanessa LEWI President of MEDIA.NOT, SASU, headquartered at 95 avenue des Logissons, 13107 VENELLES Cedex, telephone 0 800 306 212. 

Co-publishing director : Maître Stéphanie BRINES legal representative of the notarial office of Eric JANER et Stéphanie BRINES ZAC DES GARILLANS RUE DE LA TUILERIE 83520 ROQUEBRUNE SUR ARGENS

The Co-publishing director is responsible for the information that he/she publishes.

License number for the site : 8301115052836

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Intracommunity VAT number : 

2. Credits

2.1 Website Design and Implementation:

-Media.Not, an ADSN Group company, headquartered at 95 Avenue des Logissons 13107 VENELLES Cedex, matriculated under the SIRET number 793 220 013 00015

-Micropole Mediterranée, a one person limited liability company, headquartered at 91-95 Rue CARNOT, 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET matriculated with RCS de Nanterre under the number SIRET 509 555 264 00035, with main office located at Rue Pierre Berthier, Le Pilon du Roy, Bât B, 13854 Aix en Provence cedex 03, matriculated with RCS d’Aix-en-Provence with the SIRET number 509 555 264 00027

2.2 Hosting :

Appli.not, a single shareholder simplified joint stock company with capital of €2,037,000, whose head office is located 95 Avenue of Logissons, 13107 VENELLES Cedex, registered in the Trade and Company register of Aix-en-Provence under number 509 243 093 RCS.

3. Intellectual property and user rights

3.1. Content placed on line by the Publisher

The Publisher owns the content of the Website that he has placed on line.

The content of this site is protected by literary and artistic copyright laws, the Bern convention and the intellectual property code, Book 1.

Unless explicitly provided for in this publication regarding a file, a document or a specific abstract, the Publisher hereby concedes the right to view, memories and reproduce copies of this publication for the personal needs of the site user. 
Any reproduction, other than for the private use of the site user for the purpose specifically of public circulation by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the site webmaster. 

Consequently, the site user shall refrain from :

  • Fully or partially reproducing to sell, distribute, issue, transmit, publish and disclose in any form whatsoever, the data or work protected by the copyright attached to the work or to the data reproduced without the specific prior written consent of the holders of the royalties attached to the work or to the data reproduced;
  • Reuse this information for a commercial or advertising purpose;
  • Introduce data on the site that would alter or could alter the content or the appearance of the data or documents on the site.

Copyright notices should be visible on each copy of the publication whether it was used fully or partially.

Any unauthorized exploitation of the site or its content, of the information disclosed therein would make the user liable and would constitute a infringement punishable by articles L 335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The publisher's brands and logos on the site are protected.

Any reproduction or total or partial representation of these brands or these logos, alone or incorporated in other elements without the express, prior authorization of the Publisher is prohibited and would trigger the liability of the user under the meaning of articles L 713-2 and L 713-3 of the Intellectual Property Code.

3.2. Content placed online by the co-publishing director

The co-publishing director owns the content of this website that he placed on line, excluding any other content placed on line by the Publisher.

3.3. Design and creation of the site

The ADSN is the exclusive owner of all the elements used to design and create the site.

Reproduction on an electronic device

The full or partial reproduction of this site on an electronic device is authorized subject to the clear and legible addition of the name of the source and the phrase "Rights reserved".
The information must only be used for personal, associative or professional purposes; any use for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly prohibited.
Any reproduction, other than for the private use of the site user for the purpose notably of public circulation by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited without the prior written authorization of ADSN.

The creation of hypertext links to the site :

The site authorises the set up of a hypertext link directing visitors to the site's content, subject to a prior explicit agreement from ADSN to the conditions below:

  • refrain from using the deep linking technique meaning that the pages of must not be embedded within the pages of another site, but accessible from an open window,
  • mention the source which will point through a hypertext link directly to the target content,
  • the information must be used for personal, associative or professional purposes only,
  • any use for commercial or advertising purposes is excluded.

Warning ! This authorization does not apply to websites that publish controversial, pornographic, xenophobic information or content that may be offensive to a large number of people.

The Publisher shall not be held liable with regard to the data confidentiality protection policies of the sites to which we may be linked through hypertext links and suggests that you take due notice thereof.

4. Contents of the site

The author is solely responsible for information contained on the site and the Publisher cannot be held liable when he is not the author of said information.

The Publisher issues no warranty, explicit or implied and accepts no liability regarding the use of this publication.

Under no circumstance can the Publisher or a third party involved in the creation of this site be held responsible or liable to any user or third party for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of this site or from another site connected by a hyperlink, such losses of profit, interruption of businesses, losses of programs or other user information management system or other, even if the Publisher is explicitly informed that such damages are possible. You log on to any other external site at your exclusive risks.

The Publisher issues no warranty as to the quality, accuracy, timeliness, order or completeness of the information or data on this site and is not required to make any updates to the information.

The other documents are presented for information only and are not binding on the Publisher.

5. Personal data protection policy and cookie management

5.1. Connection data

Site connection data (log files) are only used for security purposes (intrusion detection) and to estimate site traffic (e.g. the moist viewed heading). Connection data is stored for one year to allow us to establish annual traffic statistics and then destroyed. 

5.2. Cookies

A, “cookie,” is a small piece of data sent by web servers and stored on your device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

5.2.1. Cookie usage

  • Functional cookies:

These cookies are indispensable in allowing you to navigate the website for you to use requested functionalities. Without these cookies, the website could not function correctly and access to certain functionalities, like restricted pages, could not be allowed. 

As soon as you leave the website or close your navigator, the generated cookie will be deleted from your device. The goal is that you remain anonymous with every successive consultation. 


  • Visitor metric cookies:

These cookies aid in understanding how visitors use the site in order to improve it. They collect information about site use, for example, the most viewed pages or error messages per page. These cookies allow us to improve the website and cannot be used to identify you. 

  • Third-party social media cookies:

These cookies store navigation and identification information. They facilitate content sharing with the various social media platforms or to make known to others your consultation or opinion. 

  • Third-party advertisement cookies:

These cookies help enrich the site with multimedia content and to visualise proposed videos.

5.2.2. Cookie management

There are several solutions for you to set your preferences concerning cookies.

It is possible to do this directly with the website. To use this method, you may at any time configure your preferences by clicking, “Configure your preferences,” at the bottom of the page. 

As online forms are always completed willingly, you are free to refuse to complete an online form. However, if you chose not to complete it/them, we may not be able to provide you with certain services.

Refusal of social media cookies will inhibit all interaction with any social media. Likewise for advertisement cookies – advertisement videos will be inhibited.

However, it is not possible to block functional cookies as they are necessary for the website to function properly.

It is also possible to configure cookie preferences in your browser or on your device. This may affect user experience on the website. The actual method to disable cookies varies by device and by browser but are usually available in Settings or Security. Instructions should be available in your browser’s help menu. 

5.3 Data Protection Correspondent and Access Rights

Cil.not, the centralised Data Protection Correspondent of the notarial profession is designated by all notarial offices to ensure this mission. Cil.not can be contacted at the following email address: As stipulated by law n°78-17 of 6 January, 1978 on computer systems, files and liberties, you are entitled access to and correction of any of your personal data. 

Should you wish to exercise your right to know with this office you may contact Cil.not at directly.

5.4 Distribution List

Email addresses collected for distribution of the newsletter are only used for this purpose and occasional alerts.

6. Photo credits

6.1. By the publishing director

Royalty free:
©iStockphoto; © oonal ; © naphtalia ; © Robert Kholhuber ; © Sean Lacke ; © Brad Wieland ; © Lise Gagne ; © Ina Peters ; © Phailf ; © Donald Gruner ; © Andreas Karelis ; © Elena Korenbaum ; © George Clerk ; © Edie Layland ; © Lise Gagne ; © Pablo Dematrio Scapinachis Armstrong ; © Laroslaw Danylchenko ; © Justin Horrocks ; © Monica Lewandowska ; © Klass Lingbeek von Kranen.

6.2. By the co-publishing director

7. Concerns

Please let us know if you think that the Publisher has not complied with the foregoing points, by sending us a letter to the following address: CSN, Conseil Supérieur du Notariat 60, bd de la Tour Maubourg 75007 Paris. We will endeavour to identify and correct the problem.

8. Modification of terms and conditions

The Publisher can change this document at any time by updating this site. These changes are binding on you and we suggest you pay frequent visits to the site to find out about the terms and conditions in force.

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